This site is dedicated to the memory of those young men from Adams County, Indiana who lost their lives during the Vietnam War.
It also stands as a tribute to those who came home.

Name   Branch, Rank, Date of Birth, Home of Record, Date Casualty, Location, Type Casualty

William Edwin Allison Army PFC 22 Dec 47 Decatur 2 Jul 67 SVN Hostile-KIA
Merlin Gail Beer Army SP4 17 Jan 49 Geneva 11 Nov 69 SVN Non-HostileDied-Other
Stephen E. Breiner    USMC PFC 5 Jul 47 Decatur 24 Sep 68 SVN Non-Hostile-Died-Other-Body not recovered
Floyd Eugene Doades        USMC PFC 13 Jun 43 Decatur 18 Aug 65 SVN Hostile-KIA
Duane Gerald Landis Navy HN 19 Mar 48 Decatur 27 Aug 69 SVN Hostile-KIA
Boyce Dean Phillips   Army SP4 25 Feb 48 Geneva 5 Apr 69 SVN Hostile-KIA

Total 6                                SVN=South Vietnam             

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